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“Looking for a loan officer who will work WITH you, not just FOR you through the complicated process of buying a home. Someone who gets just as excited about finding your dream home as you do? A guy whose commitment towards customer service is as strong as his handshake? Whose knowledge of the housing market extends far beyond that of most loan officers?

Zach Smith was all of this and more for us as we ventured out to find our first home in the foothills of Colorado. Zach had us pre-approved the very first day we spoke. He returned every phone call with a promptness that amazed us! He took the time to answer any question we could come up with and then proceeded to ask if we had any more. His professionalism simply is to be commended! He’s that good!! We applied for a USDA loan. Zach was steady and strong in his resolve to ensure all parties involved understood the ins and outs of this more obscure form of financing. His communications with out realtor were treated as imperative, time-sensitive, and crucial especially during the offer/contract stages of our process. Mind you, our house hunt came at an extremely competitive time in Colorado’s market, where homes were listed for only a matter of a few days or even hours before being snagged under contract. Under these extreme conditions, Zach acted on our behalf as if he himself had his dream home on the line!

Want someone on your side who will call you a dozen times throughout your process just to see how you are doing and to offer his assistance in any way that he can? Who will stay late at the office to meet you to sign paperwork. Who will take the time to ask about your kids and family with sincere concern? Who will feel more like a friend than your loan officer in the end?
Zach Smith is all of this! Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with this guy.”

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